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Don’t Just Talk, Make Contact!

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Don’t Just Talk, Make Contact! It’s easy to hear about the phone if you have a good signal, but to really connect with people requires a little more effort.
If you can learn to communicate effectively with other people, you can change many things in your life: your relationships, your work – everything!

Don't Just Talk Make Contact

Hard work and a good job are not enough. To be successful, you need to learn how to really communicate. It all starts with your attitude – to understand the value of people and to truly care for them.


To Make Contact is About Other People

Most people see themselves as the hub of a company. While someone is still talking, they are already thinking about what to say next. Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about the other person.

The first and most important thing to remember is to determine what you and the other person have in common. It opens the door to that close contact you want. Find out more about the person and show a little more interest.

Good leaders, teachers and speakers do not regard themselves as experts who try to impress passive audiences. They also don’t think their interests are the most important things in the world. Because they respect other people, they are working to make contact.


Chat is Much More than Just Words

Actual contact involves much more than just words. Every message you convey must contain a piece of yourself. You must be the message, otherwise you are not convincing.

Personal experience is best if you want to talk to people’s hearts. If you talk about something you haven’t experienced yourself, you’re going to struggle to convince people. And keep the conversation positive. How you feel will come out. If you are positive and believe in yourself, you can make contact easier.

Speak out of your heart. Express your true feelings with your gestures and facial expressions. Don’t try to hide your feelings behind a mask. If you include these things, your communication is convincing, passionate and credible.


It Takes Energy to Talk so Others Listen

If you think of people who communicate well, they all have a lot of energy. This doesn’t mean you have to be the Duracell bunny or a complete extrovert. You just have to be willing to focus the energy you have on others.

To radiate energy involves knowing the people you are talking to. You need to know what they are interested in. Beware – sometimes you need to communicate faster and sometimes slow down. Give yourself full time in this process, but don’t forget to replenish your energy again.


Skills are More Important than Your Natural Talent

Learn from people who communicate well. Watch them and work out why you like to listen to them. So you get nice tips that you can practice. Use the wisdom that you have built up over the years and those lessons you’ve learned. It may just help others with the same problem.

If you have made sacrifices, experienced a tragedy, or had to overcome painful obstacles, people will identify with you. Moreover, if you remain positive and humble, others will admire you and make contact with you.