The Adverse Effect of Sugar on Our Health

The Adverse Effect of Sugar on Our Health

The Adverse Effect of Sugar on Our Health

Excess sugar intake has been identified as the main contributor to obesity and related health problems. Sugar-rich beverages are nowadays considered worldwide because of the negative effects of overweight on health. Although published facts and health advice clearly indicate the link between sugar intake and health problems such as obesity and diabetes, our sugar consumption continues to increase. Why?

  • Addiction: The urge for sweets due to regular sugar intake is similar to the cravings associated with drug addiction.
  • Hidden Sugar: Few people realize how much sugar they get through spices, processed foods, soft drinks, fruit juice and flavored water.

Hidden Sugars

Hidden sugars in soft drinks, fruit juices, flavored water, iced tea, tomato sauce and processed foods add more to our sugar intake than the sugar we add to food and drink.

Do you know how many spoons are hidden in your favorite food or drink?

  • 330 ml of cold drink = 9 teaspoons
  • 500 ml of flavored water = 9 teaspoons
  • 300 ml drink yogurt = 9 teaspoons
  • 500 ml of vitamin water = 7 teaspoons
  • 100 ml tomato sauce = 6 teaspoons

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