Welcome to my blog. My name is Emily and I am the founder of Box of Inspiration. I have been and am still an active student in the field of personal development in my entire life, it really is my passion! That is why I had as a project to create this blog to share what I have learned with you.

I love to read blogs and books, watch inspirational movies and follow the motivational authors and speakers. I like to share the things I know and I learnt from the school of life. I believe that only one sentence or even word can change our life, way to thinking and moving forward.


I read quotes daily and I share all the best quotes with you that could help you in anyway. To me life is an unknown journey and it would be always great a assist if we could know the best option or path to follow. Reading more and more books, articles and quotes can help us to find the road we dreamed.


Over time I have been able to get out of mediocrity, from depression, from negative habits in my life through the strategies of self-improvement and the concepts that you will find here at https://boxofin.com


Box of Inspiration focuses on personal development, motivation, lifestyle, success, health, best quotes and freelancing.

Although the site covers a wide range of topics, most articles fall into four main categories.



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I would love to help you with easy to understand, but effective methods that you can implement in your daily life to improve the same day after day.

If you have any suggestion, direction then feel free to contact with us. You can email me at admin@boxofin.com. Or you can use our contact us form to contact with us.



Emily Woodward