Listen To Your Inner Voice To Be Happy And Successful

Listen To Your Inner Voice To Be Happy And Successful. You may think that only logical thinking and knowledge help you make decisions. However, there is another factor – intuition can save your life. Did you get the feeling that something is not right? It’s hard to explain, but you only know that’s wrong. Or you get the feeling someone stare at you and if you turn around, it’s so! It’s your sixth sense that warns you.


Many people are well skeptical about such apparently illogical thinking, yet intuitive sensations are not so strange.


That Inner Mind Is Actually a Protector

In his book The Gift of Fear, Gavin de Becker, one of America’s leading violinists, writes how intuition can save your life. He believes that every person, including you, can become an expert to predict violent behavior. “You have the gift of a brilliant inner caretaker who is ready to point you to risks and lead you through dangerous situations,” he writes. Then he also gives examples of women who ignored the warning signs and paid for it.

Kelly’s first instinct was not to accept the friendly man who wanted to help her carry her parcels to her apartment. Her first feeling was right – he raped her. It is intuition that warns you that a car will get in front of you. Or what makes you uneasy about someone you meet for the first time.

This early warning system shows that everything is not fluffy, even if there is no logical evidence for it. Your brain can predict what will happen because it made certain observations that you are not even aware of.


You Can Trust Your Sixth Sense

We can also look at intuition from another corner. Man’s consciousness is like a burner in the big ocean. The unconscious is the ocean. It is large and powerful and contains vast amounts of knowledge and wisdom whose consciousness does not know.

It is logical that if one can use more of your unconscious abilities, you will have more knowledge, insight and wisdom. You can develop your intuition by deliberately focusing on deep breathing, relaxation and imagination.

We sometimes suppress our inner wisdom through fears, prejudices or a reluctance to listen to this part of ourselves. You may know what the right decision is, but another part of your claw sticks to what you hope or want. People do not realize that in the long run they may not be good at all.


Recognize the Intuitive Messages

Every person is born with the gift of intuition. As with other talents, it is better developed by some people than with others. For example, an emotionally intelligent person will have a greater advantage because of her high self-awareness. It enables her to listen to her inner messages.

You do not have to accept another belief or follow strange rules. Just be open and receptive so that you can recognize the messages that make your sixth sense to your signal. Then you should of course be brave enough to listen and respond to it.

Such inner messages can be a flash idea, a visual image, a word, a dream, a sense of humor or a physical sensation. It is a natural skill that plays a key role in creative thinking, decision making and discovery.

You do not need to respond to the intuitive feeling. If you are a little careful, consider it rather a direction indicator. Be openhead and test if it can work. Your inner mind can become a valuable ally, as long as you learn to trust it and sometimes dare to make a decision simply because that voice says so.