What if Life Suffocates You?

What if Life Suffocates You? You never laugh again, in fact, you are soulful. Beware! You might be burned out. Limits to yourself and others are the big secret. It’s a battle every morning to get the kids out of bed. In between you make breakfast, put in sandwiches, feed the dog and get yourself ready for work. Then you have to rush to get the kids to school in time.


In the office you struggle to get started. Every task looks like a mountain; There are a lot of things to be done. You feel tired, sad and lonely. All you can think of is sleeping until next year.

Women Have a Greater Chance of Burning

You have a career or you drive around the kids all day long. But in the evenings, when everyone gets stuck flour at home, you’re the one to cook and plan for the next day. Women usually have a dual role to play and load too much on their shoulders. One person is only capable of a certain amount of work and if you are not braking, burnout is your prelude.

There is, of course, a difference between regular fatigue and burnout. You might have worked hard for a few weeks or months and slept little, and you’re deadly and depressed. For this short-lived fatigue, good relaxation, a few nights of good sleep or a short break is the right medicine. If you have a good time at rest, you will feel the horse again.

However, the syndrome of burnout is a process that can develop inconspicuously over months, even years, experts say. It doesn’t happen overnight. For someone who has been trapped in this grueling cycle, it’s not that easy to escape. That’s why prevention is better than cure.

You Have to Learn to Say No!

There is a solution, believes Annelize Endres, author of Prevent Burnout . “It is important to set yourself boundaries within which to live. The boundaries are really safety zones that you create for yourself. ”

You’ve heard it already, but here it is again: Learn to say no. Don’t mess up and do something just because you don’t have the courage to say no. If you keep your emotions in, your body secretes too much cortisol. This causes you to feel irritated and get headaches and body aches.
Acting upright. Wow, it’s quite a nuisance. Christians are raised with the idea that they should always consider others and make sure that these people are happy. It’s not quite true. You have to learn to think for yourself and be honest about your needs.

Be honest when you refuse to do anything. Don’t make excuses, because then you give other people an entry point and they will never take you seriously.

Spoil Yourself without Feeling Guilty

Allow yourself to spoil and relax. You might have to learn from scratch how to unload, because you may have forgotten what you like. Make that appointment with yourself, even if it’s only a short while each day. This time should have the sole purpose of recharging your battery for the next task ahead.

So also learn to delegate so you can have time for a treat. And take your time right. Work out how long a task will take and then determine if you can fit it into your busy program. It’s important to have realistic expectations and remember that you can do just that one day. Don’t take life too seriously; laugh for a while to succeed. Of this humor you become lighter and healthier.

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