Work vs Pleasure: How Do I Get Balance?

Work vs Pleasure: How Do I Get Balance? That balance between your work and your personal life remains a struggle. The good news is: You can keep the balance! Get such a happy life. Work is part of your life, and your personal life is part of your work. You can’t really separate the two. But you can have passion for life and happiness simply by knowing what your goals are and what choices will lead to your goals.


Step 1: Evaluate Yourself and Your Life Thoroughly

You need to know what makes you happy and unhappy – it’s a crucial step on your way to happiness.

Draw a pen and paper and decide what you like in your life and work. Is there something you can improve to make you happier?

To make it easier, you can think of what you would do if you only had a year to live. What else would you do?

Step 2: Make Sure the Important Things Are Preferred

Now that you know what makes you happy and unhappy, decide what matters most to you. Write down every possible priority in your life, in no particular order. Shorten your list to the five most important things.

Each woman’s list will look different, but you can think of your children, your husband, your health, work, finances and friends. Regularly check your list, as it will change over time.

Whatever you do during your day or week, remember your priorities. This is important, which is what makes you happy – not the other crises and cramps that come to mind.


Step 3: Make a Nice Day Every Day

Some days are awful, some average and others are nice. Take out the pen and paper again and make a list of the core things that make your day go well.

Maybe you can’t do without meditation and prayer. Or it’s important to you to give compliments every day. You may be thriving on that gay session or a neat desk.

Start with one thing and do it for a week. Do better next week until you do it every day. Then pick the next item on your list. Your list is specific, measurable and realistic. You won’t believe how good it will make you feel!


Step 4: Get the Right Strategy for Your Plans

It’s actually amazing how many of us live without a plan. Your life then becomes like a leaf on a river. Remember that strategy and happiness go hand in hand.

Make 20 to 30 minutes of weekend time to plan your week. Decide which projects you need to tackle and make (correctly guessed!) A list. If you do not, your day disappears into a wreck of urgent things.


Step 5: Discuss Your Cups of Coffee

Most people can keep up with something for a few days or a few weeks, but eventually fall into their old habits. Talk to someone who knows you well every four months or so. Go along with the things that don’t work. See if all your lists and plans are still running.

Happiness is a castle, and it is brick-built brick. Give yourself time to build the happy life you plan for yourself, life full of personal and professional happiness.

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