Live Every Day According to a Plan

Live Every Day According to a Plan. Being powerful, determined and successful requires something more than just the ordinary. Keeping perspective and putting vision first in the midst of all the stresses and demands of a life in post-modern world demands much more. So, basically, to really put your stamp into your environment, to climb the ladder of success, to remain dynamic and, moreover, to be a believer, hardly asks the superhuman!

Live Every Day According to a Plan

When you question yourself because of a failure or because of a low self-esteem, it feels as if your existence has no meaning.

Or you estimate yourself too low, like the words on a poster with a picture of the ship, the Titanic , which sink: “Sometimes your life only serves as a warning to others”. It’s not really yours!


Someone Made a Decision About You Long Ago

Therefore, your role in an office, business, household, or wherever you live your life, is not coincidental, but essential. You are exactly where you have a significant role to play, even if it is through failure.

Jesus did not appear on earth just one morning. An angel prepared his earthly father and mother. Likewise, no man happens to be here. God decided on each one. God has destined everyone for what He or she does and He has a plan with you. If one forgets where you fit into your life, you forget why you are in a particular occupation or environment or circumstances.


Do You Know Where You Fit in The World?

Jesus’ genealogy in the New Testament is therefore more than just boring reading. Because it tells us where He fits in, everyone knows his “business”. Everywhere the prophets indicated that the Savior of Israel would come from the generation of David. Through his genealogy, the people of Jesus’ time immediately knew what He could do. If you know where you fit, you know what you can and should do.

Therefore, you need to have clarity on the vision or bigger picture of where you are going. Such a bigger picture helps one to remember why you do what you have to do each day. It mobilizes forces in the right direction. It creates a suction force that pulls you to the future.

Jesus always reminded people of the bigger picture. His followers and listeners often had to hear from the kingdom of heaven. Every time He spelled out what He meant. He did this especially by telling parables or stories about it.

See the bigger picture of your life as clearly as possible. View and describe it from different angles. Give others the space to also make their input and use initiative in depicting it. Think of the bigger picture every day and live toward it. Regularly say to yourself, “I am destined for my life because God has a plan with me.”

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