6 Productive Tips that Will Help You Train Your Mind

Today I will give your 6 powerful productive tips that you will help you a lot. The brain determines consciousness as well as a long list of attributes that affect one’s quality of life. Without exception everything starts with the brain, it is the central axis of everything we do. Productivity starts with the mind, the brain must be fed with stimulation, positive affirmations and challenges.


The Human Brain – a Remarkable Organic Computer

Volumes of information exist about physical condition and well-being. Physical conditioning is favorable for mental capacity and brain efficiency, both are related to productivity. The brain is like a complex muscle which needs a constant stimulus to preserve the maximum mental performance. The knowledge about the mysteries of the human brain continues to grow, it is immensely complex and still largely not understood, I would say that it is the most complex phenomenon of the known universe.

Many of the degenerative diseases associated with old age, loss of memory, degeneration of motor skills can also be attributed to inadequate mental stimulation. The power of the mind and its remarkable ability to adapt changes continuously from the youngest and continues until old age. In the name of good health and to be really productive we have to be aware that the human brain needs a constant flow of mental challenges.


Exercises that Promote Thinking

The methods that help maintain mental functioning involve having to think. There are many ways to stimulate the mind, problem solving, memory tests, questionnaires or any other task that requires thinking is useful. It is key to choose activities that are pleasant and that one is willing to repeat.

A physical method that can be used to stimulate the brain is reversing the work of your right and left hands. By using the left hand when one usually uses the right one effectively trains your mind in a new skill. This is a very effective way to stimulate your mind by doing a task that is usually taken for granted. Start with simple tasks to perform with the left hand (assuming you are right-handed) an example would be the cleaning of the teeth, which is easier to do than trying to write with the left hand.

When doing tasks that are typically done with the right hand using the left can make us feel very uncomfortable. This is normal, the brain will develop new neural connections, nerves and muscles to perform the task. This happens in the same way that children learn new skills. With practice, these are rooted in the brain and do not require any additional conscious thought. At first this may seem frustrating but you must work hard.

The development of new physical skills in this way actively stimulates the brain and improves general coordination and motor skills. As with physical exercises, over time it becomes a bit easier to perform.


Read – Massage for The Mind

Reading is a hobby that thrills millions of people, regardless of whether one reads for enjoyment or for academic reasons, reading is a particularly good stimulus for the mind. It does not matter if you are a dedicated reader who follows your passion in various forums about books or an eventual reader, there is a great amount of diverse books for all ages. Motivational or self-help audio books are ideal for building a positive mood and are ideal for those moments when we do exercises or when traveling. When the term “read” is used in the context of keeping the mind and brain functional, this is an activity that extends beyond books.


Suitable Material

Anything from crosswords, learning a foreign language or any other stimulating material is adequate. On the contrary, other activities such as watching television, movies and videos, etc. Although they are pleasant, they do not challenge the mind anywhere near as if reading books.


Daily Training for The Brain

It helps a lot if we see the human brain as a muscle, it needs regular exercises. When the brain stays “neutral” for not using it, then like any other muscle that is not used, they become weak and deteriorate progressively. The old tradition of “if you do not use it, you lose it”, it’s true!


Physical Exercise – Brain Stimulation

Walking, swimming or any other activity that promotes the increase in heart rate is a prerequisite to maintaining proper physical condition. The research leaves little doubt that challenging the brain through stimuli in the form of “tasks that require thinking” or through “new motor skills” used as learning helps to fight diseases that damage the brain.

A world based on just pressing a button promotes less physical effort and is at least partially responsible for issues relating to physical and mental health in society. The human body is a product of evolution, our ancestors needed to walk, run and a decent view to survive. The human body can not be turned on and off like a machine, nor can it function properly if it is inactive physically or mentally.

Nowadays lifestyle is having devices to save work and have less physical effort. We have to make compensatory adjustments to ensure we receive sufficient exercise. To be creative and have a fit mind we have to maintain an exercise regime not only for the body but for the brain. Maintaining an “active mind, along with healthy eating and regular exercise, will promote the ability to have a happier lifestyle and to be more productive.

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